Nuru massages Prague 2

Nuru massages in Prague 2 are performed by our beautiful masseuses and literally will become an unforgettable experience for you. Come and enjoy these massages with us. Maybe together with one of the drinks we offer at the bar or another service.

How do nuru massages work?

Originally from Japan, but later spread to other parts of the world. Nuru translates to gooey or slippery. And those are the words that exactly describe this service. The basis of the entire massage is nuru gel and a beautiful masseuse who will massage you with her entire body. It is a very intense experience during which you will relax and unwind.

Pleasant environment

The experience is not only about a perfectly performed service you can enjoy yourself at the Avalon Club more. There is a bar available for you where you can enjoy one of our drinks and also a hookah. How about relaxing in the pool or sauna? The premises themselves automatically create a pleasant atmosphere. All rooms are luxuriously equipped and tastefully lit. That is, in such a way that they induce the right feelings even before starting the service as such. In addition, you will have maximum confidence that you will be discreet and safe with us. To ensure this, a bath is mandatory for both the guest and the masseuse before each massage. After the end of the service, we disinfect the premises and clean them thoroughly.

Your secret is safe with us

Visit our Club to relax and enjoy a great nuru massage. And you don’t have to worry about the rest. In order to maximise the privacy of our clients to be perfectly protected, our staff is well trained and treats all the guests with utmost discretion. All our services take place behind closed doors. Our staff is also professional and discreet. That way, you don’t have to worry about someone revealing even the smallest detail of your visit. In short, you can come to us to relax and let all your worries float away. Only intense experiences and pleasant relaxation await you inside the club.