One of the best erotic massage salons in Prague: tantric sex massage, nuru and much more!
Choose one of our beautiful and professional masseuses who will take care of you so that you forget all your worries. Get rid of the hustle and bustle of the big city, work, and everyday problems. Each of our masseuses is professionally trained and acquainted with discretion and the highest level of hygiene. All our masseuses meet the highest hygiene standards; therefore, a bath (shower) is compulsory always before and after the massage. Indulge in an erotic massage praha experience.
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What does erotic massage mean?

Erotic massage is a modern approach to passive relaxation. The main purpose of this massage is to induce excitement and then work with it. Reaching an intimate climax is a natural part of an erotic massage, but it is not the only thing that this service offers; even after it is achieved, erotic massage continues to provide pleasure and relaxation.

Erotic massages offer several advantages:

  • They stimulate the libido.
  • They strengthen the ability to respond positively to sensory stimuli.
  • They help relieve stress.
  • They support good mental condition.

These erotic massages are open to all adults, regardless of gender or partner status, from 18 years of age and older (the upper age limit is not restricted).

It is important to emphasize that our services do not involve direct sexual activities.

First time for an erotic massage?

The first visit to an erotic massage can be an exciting experience. Let’s take a look at the 6-step process to have a clear idea of how erotic massages go

Course of the massage

Would you like to book an erotic massage with us?

We have several options for you:

Phone / SMS / WhatsApp: Call or text us on +420 723 750 579. Our Operations Manager will be available to you throughout the opening hours of the AvalonClub Salon (Mon-Sun 11am – 2pm). Remember that all reservations are binding.

Personal visit: If you like the personal touch, you can visit us in person. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose an erotic massage and show you around our salon.

To make a reservation in the VIP Wellness, a deposit of 1000 CZK is required at our reception before the start of the massage.

Do you have any questions or special requests?

We are happy to communicate with you. Contact us by email at

We look forward to seeing you!

about club
In the Avalon club you can look forward to our beautiful masseuses, who will take care of you in luxurious and above-standard equipped rooms. Furthermore, we have our private SPA, which includes a sauna, swimming pool with counter-current, whirlpool, massage and a pleasant relaxation rooms. For your convenience and entertainment, there is also karaoke and a TV. For your pleasant experience there’s also a high-quality audio system throughout the area. You can find a pleasant atmosphere and relaxation in our bar area with hookahs and a fireplace. Experience the luxury of erotic massage in Prague with us.
We aim to make each of our guests feel royal and therefore our services meet the highest quality standards. We treat each guest with the utmost discretion. We guarantee you complete anonymity and maximum discretion. Experience a level of comfort and relaxation like no other with our services, including sex massage Prague, ensuring a luxurious and discreet experience. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation with the addition of an erotic massage, allowing you to unwind in luxury and tranquility during your time with us.


In our SPA, you will find a swimming pool with counter-current and whirlpool, sauna, massage, and a relaxation room with widescreen TV, karaoke, and a quality audio system where you can listen to your favorite songs. Experience ultimate relaxation with additional offerings such as Prague erotic massage.


You can relax in one of our 4 luxury rooms (each equipped with a separate shower) or in the bar area with quality alcoholic and soft drinks, hookah, TV where you are guaranteed not to miss a live broadcast of your favorite sport or just sit by the fireplace. Explore ultimate relaxation with offerings such as sex massage Praga.


Our beautiful girls will take care of you in luxuriously furnished rooms and for your comfort there are showers in every room, pleasant and intimate LED lighting complemented by designer furniture for a cozy feeling. Experience ultimate relaxation with offerings such as erotic massage Prague.


Before and after each massage, there is a mandatory bath (shower). Each of our rooms is disinfected and cleaned after each massage so that it is ready for the next client in the highest purity and quality. Experience a holistic approach to relaxation with services such as tantric massage Prague.

Avalon Club Rules
Rules of our club


It is possible to pay only in cash (CZK, EUR, USD)


It is always necessary to make a reservation in advance


We will be happy if you inform us of any change in the reservation as soon as possible


Our services are provided only to adults

Do you want to relax perfectly? Stop by for erotic massages at our club in Prague 2. At Avalon Club, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience that our masseuses will prepare for you. And to top it all off, a pleasant atmosphere with maximum privacy. 
Regular massage focuses only on relaxing stiff muscles. But as their name suggests, erotic massages go a little further. Thanks to the stimulation of erogenous zones, they have a stimulating effect, help to improve blood circulation and also libido. But above all, it is a great way to forget about everyday worries and enjoy pleasant moments in the company of beautiful masseuses.
At Avalon Club, we make sure that every client feels comfortable. At Avalon Club we pay big attention to hygiene. A bath is mandatory before each massage as for the masseuse and for the client. After each visit, we disinfect and clean the room carefully. So that it is perfectly prepared for the next customer. The rooms are luxuriously equipped and lit to create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to the rooms themselves, you can visit our sauna, counter-current pool for an additional charge or have a drink at our bar. In short, fully relax at our premises.
What happens in the club stays in the club. We want you to be able to relax with us without worries. Use exactly the services you want. That’s why we offer you not only top services and rooms equipped above standard. In order to fully enjoy the experience you need to have maximum privacy. And we will make sure of that for you. We approach each guest with maximum discretion. Therefore, all our services take place behind closed doors to ensure the discretion of the client.