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Yes, it is always necessary to make a reservation in advance. However, we are usually able to make a reservation the same day, depending on the occupancy of the salon and the time you require.

We accept reservations by phone at: +420 722 264 636
You can also write to us on this issue via the WhatsApp application.

We provide our services at: Chodská 12, Vinohrady

Yes. As we have to plan the time schedule of all masseuses, we will be happy if you notify us of any change in the reservation as soon as possible. Our operator can then also suggest alternative massage dates, and the sooner you announce the change, the better the chances that more dates will be available.

Upon arrival in the room, there will first be a shower, which can also be shared with the masseuse at your request.

Then you lie down comfortably, turn your face towards the mattress and the masseuse starts with a massage as in a normal relaxation massage. It will focus on your shoulders, back and other parts of your body.

The masseuse then begins to diversify this classic massage with erotic elements, where she also massages her breasts or buttocks, massages her buttocks and travels to erogenous zones with her movements. The masseuse is naked during this massage and you can also watch her graceful movements in the mirror (at the discretion of the masseuse, light touches are allowed).

Once you are found enough, the masseuse will ask you to turn on your back and continue to massage the erogenous zones until the happy ending. The course of the massage also depends on which type of erotic massage you have chosen and you can also adjust it yourself according to your wishes and agreement with the masseuse.

Yes. For all types of erotic massages that we provide, the massage ends with the stimulation of erogenous zones and the climax.

Yes. But it also depends on your idea. The masseuse can start the massage in her underwear, which she will gradually put off during the massage, or she can start the massage in the peignoir. We also offer a footjob service – foot massage, during which the masseuse can also take sexy heels, suspenders or stockings for the massage.

Usually yes, on the breasts or buttocks. It depends on the rules of a specific masseuse, mutual agreement and sympathy. You can also ask our operators before booking.

Unfortunately. Our services can only be paid in cash. We accept payments in Czech crowns, Euros and US dollars (CZK, EUR, USD)

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It depends on the type of massage and also your wishes. Masseuses usually have time well planned so that you can catch everything that is part of the massage from A to Z in the booked time.

The course of the massage is planned so that the masseuse gradually pays attention to all parts of your body and the final part arrives on time so that you can do everything. The final part will come before the end. After the climax, the masseuse can continue with a classic massage or gentle stroking.

Yes, you can usually touch a masseuse. Everywhere it depends on a specific masseuse and mutual agreement. Some masseuses also offer the possibility of mutual satisfaction. In the profile of masseuses you will also find a list of services, among which masseuses providing this service have listed: Mutual touches and Mutual satisfaction

No, we do not offer classic sex or oral sex and these services cannot be provided for an additional fee. However, we also offer other services to diversify the massage, which you will find on the service page for an additional fee to the massage.

Unfortunately no. Our services are provided only to adults over the age of 18.

Avalon Club Rules

Rules of our club


It is possible to pay only in cash (CZK, EUR, USD)


It is always necessary to make a reservation in advance


We will be happy if you inform us of any change in the reservation as soon as possible


Our services are provided only to adults

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