Scratching Prague 2

Do you want to enjoy scratching in our club in Prague 2? At the Avalon Club, you can look forward to top-notch services provided by our beautiful masseuses. Come and relax, and on that occasion try one of the drinks at our bar.

Enjoy scratching from beautiful masseuses.

Pleasant, relaxing, sensual. One could find many such words and it would still not be enough. You have to experience it yourself to understand it. Scratching is an experience not only enjoyed by men but also by women. Visit our club and put yourself in the hands of our masseuses. Their warm touches will accompany you throughout this experience, at the end of which you will have an unforgettable memory.

Pleasant environment

As soon as walk through the door to our club a pleasant atmosphere breathes upon you. Have seat at the bar and take a moment to absorb it. For example at the bar you can have one of our famous drinks or a hookah. In addition to the services of our masseuses you can relax in the pool or the sauna. All this with the assurance that you will be in maximum safety and comfort. We care about the health of our clients. A bath is therefore mandatory for both clients and masseuses before the massage. And once the visit is over, we carefully clean and disinfect the rooms. Thanks to this, the premises are always ready for other clients.

We care about your privacy

So your security, health, satisfaction and privacy are our priorities of course. We want all our guests to feel like at home. You can therefore enjoy all services behind closed doors. At the same time, our staff is discreet. What happens in our club stays in our club. You don’t have to worry about someone from your neighborhood confronting you about visiting our club. No one will know how you relax after long and hard days.