Age: 22
Weight: 54
Hight: 168
Bust: 3

Language: CZ, RUS, EN
Hotel escort: YES

Katerine is a beautiful masseuse with a perfect figure. Katerine has charming eyes and a beautiful smile. The massage in its execution is an unforgettable sensual pleasure.

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2 reviews for Katerine

  1. Luis

    Beautiful, sexy and attentive.. the whole experience felt like art and carefully crafted. Just what I needed on a Saturday evening. I’d come back anytime.

  2. Anonymous

    Katerine is a dream girl. Friendly, empathetic and smiling. She’s got sexy and proportionate body with firm breasts. Her massage and time in the shower is what I was longing for a while. I can’t forget the time and would want to return again.

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